Tool Kit – parts 1 – 4

The 2020 Vision Tool Kit has been sent to every PCC/MAC Secretary so that a copy of this guide to 2020 Vision and Mission Areas is available in every church in the diocese.

It includes information about the background to 2020 Vision, the process of forming Mission Areas and other helpful information.

There are already several parts of the kit and you can download electronic copies of each section below (the most recent addition first):

Part 5: Mission Area Roles

Toolkit Part 5 outlines the key Mission Area roles and responsibilities: Toolkit-5-Role-Descriptions

Part 4: Mission Area Finance

Toolkit Part 4 – How to Organise Mission Area Finance – brings together guidance in the following areas into one publication:

  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Bank Accounts
  • Expenses
  • Assets and Liabilities
  • Gifts and Legacies
  • Gift Aid and Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme
  • Registering your Mission Area with the Charity Commission

You can download a copy: Toolkit Park 4 – How to Organise Mission Area Finance.

Part 3: Mission Area Administration

Toolkit part 3 has been sent out to Mission Area Leaders and Mission Area Administrators to assist them in the running of the Mission Area.  You can download a full copy of the pack: Mission Area Admin document (pdf).

The document includes various forms which can be printed off as individual pages from the following word document: MA Admin document FINAL

To complete this section of the toolkit, you will need the:

Part 2: Forming a Mission, Shared Ministry Roles and an introduction to Mission Area Finance

This contained five booklets which are available to download here.

Part 1: An Introduction