Our 2020 Vision logo “Unlocking our Potential”

Our 2020 Vision logo takes the theme of “Datgloi ein Potensial” or “Unlocking our Potential”.

The Diocese is using this artwork on any information and correspondence which relates to 2020 Vision and Mission Areas:

Unlocking our potential bilingual logo

Download it here.

It’s designed to embrace shared ministry – something that is at the heart of 2020 Vision – and can be interpreted in a number of ways.  You might see a person, a doorway or a key hole.  The logo shows the importance of us looking out to the communities we serve rather than looking in.  The keys transfer from our Diocesan crest.

Commenting on the logo, Bishop Gregory said:

“Unlocking our Potential asks each one of us to think about how there are new ways of being Church, new ways of drawing people into discipleship, of drawing disciples into ministry and mission, and orienting our life towards growth and mission.  This is the vision underlying Unlocking our Potential.”